Honor 10 lite blue

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honor 10 lite blue

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Smartphones can be expensive. Thankfully they can also be cheap and, as it happens, pretty good. Better than pretty good. The Honor 10 Lite is one of those very good budget smartphones that has us wondering why you have to pay five times more for the ‘best’ phones out there.

It puts it at the high end of ‘cheap’ but far more affordable than most of the phones on the market. You could buy five 10 Lites instead of one iPhone XS . Not that those phones are comparable or even for the same consumer, but you get the point.

The Honor 10 Lite is a cheaper appropriation of  the excellent Honor 10  that costs twice as much (itself a relatively good deal at £399). It shows that you can cut a few more corners on materials and internal specs while maintaining the same basic smartphone experience.

Our 10 Lite review unit was in the by now familiar Honor deep blue hue but the headline new colour available is called sky blue, which fades from blue to silver. Honor is Huawei’s sub-brand so it’s no surprise to see it ape the flashy changing colours of its parent company’s flagship phones . 

The budget mid-range segment is a tough one to compete in. While Xiaomi rules the roost, Honor and Realme have been playing hard and fast to close the gap. Honor’s first phone for 2019, the Honor 10 Lite , combines great aesthetics with mid-range specs. Add to that a competitive price point and you’re looking at an interesting option for budget smartphone seekers. Is it any good though? We try to find that out in our Honor 10 Lite review.

There’s no doubt that the Honor 10 Lite is a gorgeous looking phone. A quintessential Honor device, it builds on the design language of the Honor 8X and ticks all the checkmarks for 2019 design trends.

The first thing you notice when you pick up the phone is the eye-catching glossy back. The colour gradients shift as you move the phone and, in the right light, it looks downright stunning. Suffice it to say that the phone looks way more premium than competing devices like the Redmi Note 6 .

The company has opted for an all-plastic build similar to the Honor 9 Lite . The use of plastics might make the phone a bit more resilient to drops, but the back is a magnet for scratches and scuffs. You are going to have a really tough time keeping this one clean. Honor bundles in a basic TPU case and we would highly recommend using that.

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