Honor 10 lite 4 reviews

1) Honor 10 Lite Review: A budget performer with stunning looks
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honor 10 lite 4 reviews

Huawei’s budget e-brand has unveiled a new budget champion in the form of the Honor 10 Lite that boasts a £199/€229 price tag. Coming in cheaper than the Honor 8X (reviewed here ) that launched just a few months ago, the 10 Lite boasts an all-glass design, a Full-HD display with a dewdrop notch, a big 3,400mAh battery, and the same Kirin 710 processor that we’ve seen in the Honor 8X and the Mate 20 Lite (reviewed here ). As you might expect at this price, there are a few corners being cut in terms of hardware so join us after the break to check out the specifications of the Honor 10 Lite . 

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Adding Lite to the name of a phone used to instantly drop its desirability by about 90-percent. Lite was synonymous with a device being all show and no substance. Being given an Honor 10 Lite on a recent trip to China gave us that slight sinking feeling, as we prepared to use a phone that may frustrate more than it delighted.

We were wrong. The Honor 10 Lite actually did the opposite, and impressed us over the course of a few days, during which it was our main device. We’re not really that surprised at the Honor 10 Lite’s ability, as the Honor 9 Lite was also a highly capable phone. The sequel goes one step further in design.

Here’s our impressions of the phone, which is not getting the full review treatment as it’s not available to buy in the U.S., and is still waiting for its U.K. and European launch at the time of writing.

It’s a little beauty. The body is plastic, unlike the glass Honor 10 , and our version in the pictures is the one to buy. The color scheme is sky blue, and it fades from a deep blue at the bottom of the device to a chrome-like silver at the top. We saw and loved the same look on the Honor Magic 2 , and are happy to see it replicated here so effectively. It also comes in black and red.

The budget mid-range segment is a tough one to compete in. While Xiaomi rules the roost, Honor and Realme have been playing hard and fast to close the gap. Honor’s first phone for 2019, the Honor 10 Lite , combines great aesthetics with mid-range specs. Add to that a competitive price point and you’re looking at an interesting option for budget smartphone seekers. Is it any good though? We try to find that out in our Honor 10 Lite review.

There’s no doubt that the Honor 10 Lite is a gorgeous looking phone. A quintessential Honor device, it builds on the design language of the Honor 8X and ticks all the checkmarks for 2019 design trends.

The first thing you notice when you pick up the phone is the eye-catching glossy back. The colour gradients shift as you move the phone and, in the right light, it looks downright stunning. Suffice it to say that the phone looks way more premium than competing devices like the Redmi Note 6 .

The company has opted for an all-plastic build similar to the Honor 9 Lite . The use of plastics might make the phone a bit more resilient to drops, but the back is a magnet for scratches and scuffs. You are going to have a really tough time keeping this one clean. Honor bundles in a basic TPU case and we would highly recommend using that.

Honor is making a great name for itself in the global smartphone market. Owned by Huawei, it’s a separate brand that often takes the exact same specs of a Huawei phone, repackages it in some typically snazzy designs, and sells it cheaper.

The Honor View 20 is stunning to look at - from just about any angle, thanks to the one-two punch of the pinhole camera on the front and the genuinely unique holographic V effect on the glass rear. The photos look great, but don't really do this thing justice - it's properly gorgeous.

With a Kirin 980 and 6/8GB RAM the specs are plenty powerful to match, and comfortably rival much more expensive flagship phones (including Huawei's own Mate 20 Pro). And perhaps for the first time, Honor deserves to be in the same conversation as the big names when it comes to camera quality. Touting a 48MP lens is meaningless, but it's hard to argue with the results, especially from the AI Ultra Clarity mode.

At just  £499 for the base model , and £579 for one with extra RAM and storage , this is genuinely affordable too. Honor's flagships have always offered serious specs and slick design while undercutting rivals on price, but it usually feels like there are a couple of compromises along the way.

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